Thoughts of the day

2021-09-18 . Written by Mohamed Jinas

For the past few days, I haven't been really feeling like myself. I was doing less work and not doing any fun projects I always loved doing. I love what I do but sometimes I feel like I am overdoing things. Do you ever get the feeling that "if you don't work hard enough every day that you aren't gonna succeed?". Well, I always thought of it that way. But I know now that is not entirely true.

Working hard is important but so is taking time for yourself to focus on other things or to take breaks. I found out that lack of rest (breaks) and also focusing on the same things for a long time was the main reason behind my issues.

So I started focusing on things outside programming and taking breaks away from work for a while. It really helped me to regain focus and I felt really good about myself.

Hope this year is going to be a great year despite all the difficulties. Really excited and thrilled for what's yet to come. 😊